Broken Glass / LCD

Whenever your phone got crack, and got no touch and spoilt colour issue, you doesn’t need to change the whole LCD screen, that may cause you an original-brand-provider screen be replaced. It sound very-very wasteful. We can help you got a cheaper solution which is replacing the glass that protect the originality of the original screen.

Water Damage

Did you ever drown you lovely phone into water? It doesn’t matter either Android user or iPhone user. Please, do not be afraid. Because at #XPERT, we can help make your phone back in action. The first precaution you need to do is to make sure your phone is switch off and bring it to our nearest branch for doing “Water Damage Cleaning” using Ultrasonic Cleaner equipment.

Battery Problem

One clear sign that your phone battery might be dying, that it can no longer hold the charge for long. The capability of your phone battery holds charge depends on how frequently you use it. Long conversations, excessive video watching, video game playing can drain the battery faster. However, if the battery drops from fully charged to half charged within a day without being notify, normally it's on its way out.

Tablet & iPad Repair

Did you ever have problem with tablet or iPad? Did the screen got crack? Or blank screen? Or both? Or maybe battery issue? No worry guys! Because you can entrust your beloved tablet or iPad to #XPERT. We can help you to solve every problem that you guys face with your tablet or iPad. Blank screen, cracked, battery failure, or other issue will no longer bother you guys anymore.

Software Error

Having a hard time figuring out your mobile always shutdown and keep restarting? Never ending thought about maybe its motherboard issue and your work may interrupted. Put all your worries away because almost 80% of rebooting issue comes from software corrupted and 98% of them have been solved with ease. Check now for more details if your mobile may affect by bugs with #XPERT Mobile Specialist Technician for consultation and repair. It now or never!

Other Problems

Sometimes smartphone just like people and have a weird kind of sickness. And sometimes even doctors can’t detect what cause of the sick. Well! Mobiles are the same and somehow many places you send can’t detect the source. But now, no worries anymore because #XPERT Mobile Specialist we see all your problems are ours and problem must be solved! Here, we search and dig and always found the source and give you the best of the best solution for you. Find us and we will fight for you!